Libertarians And Bootlickers

Whenever you talk to libertarians about police, and explain that they have to enforce things like traffics laws, loitering laws and trespassing laws (all things I think are important for civilized society, which they think are petty bullshit and should be abolished), and then go on to explain that when you fight the police when they arrest you, bad things happen, you always get the following response:

“Just following orders”

“Nazis followed orders too”

I think this is an indication of the childish psychology of libertarians. Like children, they can’t understand the concept of serving, of being in a rigidly hierarchical organization like the military or the police or even the fire department. Which is fine if it’s not for them.

But since it’s not for them, because they blindly hate authority so much (itself a sign of immaturity), they either don’t try or are actually incapable of empathizing with people in a job that requires duty and obeying orders. They can’t or won’t see them as human beings, because all authority is “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”

Yes, cops obey orders. That’s called “being an adult.” We all obey orders at our jobs. Some are stupid. Some are bullshit. Some might be counterproductive. But it’s a job, and you have to do it. If the mayor tells cops to watch the city burn, like in New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, and every other liberal paradise, they have to watch it burn. If they’re told to enforce existing laws, they have to enforce them.

The only reason not to understand this is an adolescent bias towards and hatred of *any* sort of authority figure. I mean what kind of punk-ass bitch follows orders, anyways? Only bootlicking sellouts follow orders. That’s the mentality.

Your Boots

So libertarians can’t respect or understand cops doing their job, because they don’t see them as human beings, doing exactly that. Furthermore, even when it’s perfectly justified to arrest someone, take someone down, or shoot a violent person threatening their lives or the lives of others, they sympathize with the criminals, because they know that anyone the stormtroopers and bootlickers don’t like is the good guy, by definition.


Libertarian principles are still the best foundation and starting point for social and political philosophy. But the Enlightenment thinkers who created classical liberalism understood the need for and respected proper authority in society. Only a child thinks they should literally have no authority in life to answer to.

It’s not as bad as the childish envy and desire of something for nothing that socialists harbor, but this mental bias and cognitive crutch completely disables libertarians from being able to rationally analyze police as people, and policing as a job.

7 thoughts on “Libertarians And Bootlickers

  1. Philosophically, I consider myself a libertarian. Politically and personally, I find a lot of libertarians to have a utopian, dare I say childish view of the world, much like their sworn enemies, the socialists.


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