Happy New Year

The last couple of days I’ve been thinking a lot about how when I got out of the army in 1998, I had this huge goal and fantasy of being in Times Square for the millennial, either from 1999-2000, or from 2000-2001, perhaps (hopefully) celebrating a move and living there. I had no conceivable way to get to New York, nothing in front of me or in my world that would make me think that I might be there in any way, for any reason. But I fantasized about this constantly for 2 years, I don’t know why, I just WANTED it, to the bottom of my soul. I was obsessed with this idea that I knew wouldn’t come true. I lived my life the best I could, not in the slightest trying to plot and scheme to get to New York, just doing the best I could living my life day by day, in each moment.

And on December 28th, 2000, I moved to New York. 3 days later, I celebrated New Year’s in Times Square ringing in 2001, one block from that magical, glittering ball. Sometimes dreams do come true. I feel blessed to have had a couple of mine come true, and for New York City being one of them. It was as much of a transformative, life defining experience as I hoped it would be. Thank you, Universe.

Here’s to a blessed New Year to you all. May we all have a few dreams come true. And may some of them be as big as New York.

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